Olympus PEN E-P5: Create your own world

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith the rise of blogs, photography is no longer reserved to the professionals. And it’s due to the skills and features of the new generation system camera’s that we’re able to ‘snap them pics as pro’s!’.

One of these camera’s is the Olympus PEN E-P5. It does not only look trendy with its retro design, it offers many abilities to take photography to the next level. It’s like a camera and photolab in one.  With the ART filters you can enhance your pictures in many different ways (an instagrammer favorite), put a frame over them, create photo stories, or make bulb photos. (Note that this doesn’t decrease the quality of the images). Plus, the wifi-feature let’s you instantly share your pictures with the geo-tagging app or remote shutter.


With this camera Olympus focuses on the ‘Creative Class’; people who are active in the creative industry, such as bloggers, photographers, journalists etc. To tell the ‘Create your own world’-story, Olympus has set up several events to introduce the camera to this specific target group, and our guest blogger Sacha attended the event in Studio 13 in Amsterdam.
During a workshop-filled day she could use and experiment with the camera, assisted by two professional photographers with each their own discipline. Brendan de Clerq taught her smart tricks for shooting portraits, while Meis Belle Wahr told the ins and outs on streetstyle photography, aside from the basics like ISO values, depth of focus, shutter speed, flash fillers, shooting modes and lighting.

In line with this event, Olympus has selected five professional photographers to attend 30 unique events and shoot pictures with the E-P5. These will not be ordinary event pics, but more in the style of the Sartorialist: the Sartolympus! Also, five bloggers will receive the camera to take pictures during the summer which will be presented at a special exhibition.

The Olympus PEN E-P5 is a compact mirrorless camera which can be paired with different lenses. This example of technology and retro stylishness will be available starting July from €1099.

Check the pictures Sacha took during the day to get an idea of what the E-P5 is capable of.




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