NOVA: Is it a spaceship or a shoe?

UN_Nova_1It’s a shoe! Meet the NOVA. Innovative shoe label United Nude‘s newest creation in collaboration with architect Zaha Hadid.

The limited edition shoe was launched last Tuesday during the Paris Haute Coute Week at high fashion store L’Eclaireur.

This ‘supernova’ of shoe design comes with complicated techniques… Injection – and rotation molding? Vacuum casting? An innovative cantilevered system allows the staggering 16 cm heel to appear completely unsupported. The result is a smooth, seemless shoe with a metallic chromed vinyl rubber upper and a high quality Italian kid nappa lining. A hidden platform and heel are composed of fiberglass and the outsole is made of rubber.

Top notch engineering has a price, even if it involves shoes. The NOVA is available at selected concept stores such as L’Eclaireur in Paris, and both the Zaha Hadid Design and United Nude webshops for €1500.

Watch the video of how the design became an actual shoe:



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