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Inspiration by Sanne: Gerrit Rietveld graduation show

2013-07-06 17.16.01

Last week I went to visit my cousin’s graduation expo at Gerrit Rietveld. Her graduation project was a guided tour around the school and some of the art pieces. Each time a different tour guide took people along the pieces and expressed his or her emotions about the works through a specific art form, like dancing, singing or acting. Nobody who was taking the tour knew about this so they were very surprised.

Our tour was led by an actor that really loved the first art piece that he discussed but really hated the second one. He expressed this very clearly through his mood and presentation, yet in a way that made everybody sort of uncomfortable and made them question his expertise. Afterwards he told us it was part of my cousins graduation project, but I still think half of the people didn’t really understand what was going on…

After the tour my friend and I decided to walk around a little bit more to see the other graduation artworks of the Gerrit Rietveld academy. It was a really inspiring experience so I had to share the photos that I took with you guys!

Unfortunately the exposition of the graduation pieces is over, but I hope you will feel a little bit of the inspiration that I felt through these photos!

2013-07-06 17.23.28


2013-07-06 17.20.112013-07-06 17.17.38


2013-07-06 17.14.35


2013-07-04 20.44.51


2013-07-04 20.43.09


2013-07-04 20.41.03


2013-07-04 20.40.35

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