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Amsterdam Fashion Week Recap

AFW_featureJust a few days after the Amsterdam Fashion Week craze…but we survived, so here’s a little recap.

Or maybe we should just refer to it as a ‘Best Of’. AFW’s catwalk programm  kicked off with Spijkers & Spijkers and a (commercial) collection with a 60’s Brigitte Bardot-ish vibe. The lovely French chansons put us in an instant retro holiday mood. When was the last time you heard Vanessa Paradis’ “Joe Le Taxi”?!
The show was sponsored by Colgate Max White One toothpaste, and thanks to all the tubes of it we’ve gathered throughout the AFW, we’ll probably have a bright white smile by the end of the year.



Our next highlight was the show of Claes Iversen. Always one of our favourites, because what he makes is just lovely and feminine. I actually consider him more of a couturier. This collection’s theme was based on the whimsical Dutch summer weather, which was translated in fringes made of synthetic material, glass or wool. The effect on the clothes was like a 3-dimensional rainshower. Also, in the silhouettes, Iversen used an umbrella-shape. The result was -as always- refined and feminine.

A designer in the category ‘One to Watch’ is Marga Weimans. Her designs are a symbiosis of fashion, art and architecture. Though her designs for Summer 2014 were much more wearable than previous work we’ve seen from her. She collaborated with several people to execute the original prints; artist/designer Jeroen Koolhaas, architect Barend Koolhaas, and designer Aura Melis Luz. The shoes were developed by United Nude, the label of yet another Koolhaas (Rem D Koolhaas, they all are nephews of the known architect Rem Koolhaas -TD)

An other promising talent to research the boundaries and overlap of fashion, art and architecture is Winde Rienstra. Her inspiration were the Russian Datsja’s. Folkloric summer cottages with specific woodcarving. Like her previous collections her models had to walk on impossible shoes, but this time they even had to be escorted by the seaters!

ClaesIversen_1©fashionrollers ClaesIversen_2©fashionrollers MargaWeimans_1©fashionrollers Winde_Rienstra_1©fashionrollers WindeRienstra4 WindeRienstra3 WindeBS2 WindeBS_1 Winde_Rienstra_2©fashionrollers

Enjoy some nice images made by the ©FashionRollers:

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