After report: Sensation Into the Wild

Sensation_DJbooth_2Time flies when you’re having fun…It’s already a week ago that we attended Sensation, where the new theme ‘Into the Wild’ premiered.

It was the second Sensation for me, the first time was 3 years ago with the 10 year anniversary of the event, and I remember how impressive the dance event is. You can’t imagine how much preparation it takes to realise. Yet, ID&T is doing it successfully around the world.

This edition we had a little chat with Creative Director (Costumes & Decoration) Lisca Stutterheim:

1. What are the requirements for the costumes when designed for a dance event?
Lisca: They have to be long lasting because they need to be re-usable. Plus, the dancers must be able to move properly. In a few words: solid, resistant, flexible and fashionable.

2. Can you explain the workflow from idea to execution?
Lisca: My focus is on the Deluxe area, an other designer is responsible for the Main Area. It starts with sketches and moodboards, we have a brainstorm with the creative team and create a story around the theme. Along the way more people get involved for the bigger things such as lighting and decor. Still, it remains a challenge because ideas can look great on paper but difficult to execute.

3.What can we expect?
Lisca: We’ve planned three showcases for the Deluxe area. It’s like a parade of seduction, I hope you’ll like it! And there will be something cool going on with the bracelets later…

4. Which edition of Sensation was your favourite up to now? 
Lisca: Wicked Wonderland. It was also the 10 year anniversary of the event and we put together an amazing show. Though I am very excited about this edition with the new theme and all, especially because it’s the premiere of  Into the Wild and in our hometown Amsterdam.


Furthermore, on the ‘fashion’ side of the event, DJ’s Sunnery James (yes, Doutzen’s hubby) and Ryan Marciano were dressed by Dutch designer Jan Boelo.

sunnery_james_janboelofoto 2sensation_balloonsSensation_unicorn1


Images 1,2,4,5,6,7 ©TheDigitalistas. Other images courtesy of Sensation (backstage) and Google Images. More images can be found on the Sensation website.



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