Wednesday Wear-Abouts

WWA13juni_8It’s bizarre how I sometimes tend to wear grey on a cloudy day, but I also realized that grey kind of suits me. So it is a grey-ish Wednesday Wear-About, with a dash of red lipstick.

The last weeks my Wednesday Wear-abouts occur very lastminute. Blame it on being busy!


Today I am wearing:
Loose knitted cardigan (no it’s not warm because it’s very loosely knitted) from River Island, a grey  T-shirt from Zoe Karssen with the words B*A *D printed on it, my fake leather trousers from Weekday, and my sneakerwedges from Jonak Paris. My beaded cuff is from Topshop, the bag from Rika and my lipstick is a mix from a Clinique Chubby Stick 11 Two Ton Tomato and Collistar 11 Scarlatto (it’s not a mistake, they are both a number 11).




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