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Wednesday Wear-Abouts

WWA_29mei_6Rushing out this morning to go see the pressviewing of ‘Before Midnight’ I didn’t pay much attention to what I was wearing, but hopefully you’ll still like my comfy grunge look.




I’ve bought the checked shirt at H&M already a few years ago, in two different color combinations (the other one is purple/blue-ish), but then I guess I must have had a foreseeing eye with the grunge-trend coming back as strong as it is. And if we have to rely on what we’ve seen in the Saint Laurent Paris shows, we’re not done with it yet.

What I am wearing in this Wednesday Wear-About:

Checked shirt H&M, T-shirt ‘Girls like moustaches’ from Zara, dark Wrangler denim spa jeans, black Converse All Stars, circle scarf from American Apparel.

WWA_29mei_8 WWA_29mei_3 WWA_29mei_5 WWA_29mei_4

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