Pupa Vamp!

mascara-vamp-pupa_0x440Italian makeup brand Pupa has launched its revolutionary new mascara: Vamp! The purpose of the product is to give lashes an exaggerated, movie-star look.
If your goal is full, dramatic lashes, then look no further. The mascara will give you the effect of wearing fake lashes (minus the difficulty of gluing them on!) Lashes will appear thicker, more volumized, and longer – without smudging.

For a severely dramatic look, opt for the mascara in Extra Black; for a softer look try the product in chocolate brown (it’s perfect for blue, green or hazlenut eyes). It’s also available in electric blue, violet, navy blue and emerald green, if you’re up for an eye-catching look.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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