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Trend Tag: Ethnic Chic



Before I’ll immerse you with the lastest fashion trends, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m not an official Digitalista; my name is Sacha and I usually blog for But today I’m proud to announce my new status as guest blogger for The Digitalistas. I’ll search for the latest fashion finds, so you guys will be completely up-to-date on every trend.

Last year almost everyone fell in love with the Renell jeans from Isabel Marant .These ethnic trousers were the start of a whole new trend: Ethnic Chic. Which means a style with a lot of prints and colors. Common prints in this trend are the Aztec pattern and the Native American print with red, black and heavy colors like neon pink. Most ethnic items give you a kind of authentic feeling, like it’s handmade. We all know that most high street items aren’t handmade, but still, if you combine them with some high quality fabrics, everybody will think it’s a one-of-a-kind made by some old lady somewhere in the mountains of Peru.

If you’re not into wearing print on print, try to combine an Ethnic inspired item with denim or earth tones. For example this red blouse from Isabel Marant, which will look great with a jeans and with the black and white loafers. The pleasant thing about Ethnic Chic is that’s applicable to every style. If you’d like to dress classy, try this  embellished skirt from Matthew Williamson  with a casual blouse. Are you more of an urban type? Go graphic with this amazing Zara clutch and wear this bikini from Emamo during beach days. Have you already found the ethnic item that fits you?

Embroidered chiffon-silk top Isabel Marant €420
Embellished skirt Matthew Williamson €1,195
Clutch Zara €39,95
Necklace Mango
Bikini Emamo  €234
Loafers Zara €29,95
Backpack Sacha  €39,95
Hout Couture wooden sunglasses via €125,-


  1. Lauren mei 16, 2013

    I love the Zara loafers they are cute ! I also love the Aztec trend and doing print on print can be really cute you can mix a nuetral Aztec print with a colorful one ! I love this Aztec Crop Top

  2. Herb Vaporizer juni 15, 2013

    Those outfits and style looks so Aztec. I love it. They’re so chic. It looks great mixing and matching with different styles.

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