Top 3 Best dressed at the MET

AnjaRubik_MET_gala_ref29Okay, we were not as quick as the rest being away and all, but still, we have our Top 3 favourites from the annual MET gala.

1. Anja Rubik wearing Anthony Vaccarello
2. Sienna Miller and her love Tom Sturridge wearing Burberry
3. Cara Delevingne who also wears Burberry

tom sturridge and sienna miller_MET_Burberry

Why these 3? Because they stuck to the theme of the MET’s current exhibition ‘Punk: Chaos to Couture’ (more about this soon) and did it with class. Don’t you just love Sienna’s sleek dress paired with a spiky jacket? And hooray for Anja Rubik because that’s quite a challenge wearing hot red leather…

Anja Rubik via Refinery 29
Sienna Miller & Cara Delevingne courtesy of Burberry

cara delevingne_METgala_Burberry

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