The Jack Daniel’s experience

JD_wallNot being a whisky drinker, an invitation to the opening of the new Jack Daniel’s bar at the concert venue Ziggo Dome caught my attention. I guess because they promised us a performance by the cool rockband Kensington.

Luckily Jack Daniels is not just about the whisky, but it includes a whole lifestyle of rock ‘n roll, tattoos and…barbers? They had a fun gimmick of barbers from ‘Schorem‘ where the guys could have a shave, their beards trimmed or a fresh haircut.


In the meanwhile we enjoyed one of Holland’s most promising rockbands ‘Kensington’ with an acoustic performance, and a drink at the impressive bar built of Marshall guitar amplifiers.



The purpose of the Jack Daniels bar is to propose the concert visitors at the Ziggo Dome a before- between- and after experience at the venue. JD’s brand manager Piet-Hein Schnellen says: “This is where Jack Daniel’s belongs; amongst musicians and music lovers.”

You’ll find the bar at the first ring of the Ziggo Dome, right from the main stage.



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