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Ride in Style: Uber

Uber 1This car service is probably the best thing I came across lately. If you ever took a cab in Amsterdam, you probably know why you should ‘Uber‘ instead.

Cabs in Amsterdam can be somewhat hazardous. They can rip you off with the price, and some drivers are unfriendly. So far for a happy ride…

With Uber it’s different. The drivers wear a suit -just like private chauffeurs- they drive classy black towncars, and they always open the door for you! An other plus side is that there’s a drink and a snack (chocolate, candy, mints) on board. Prices are fixed according to the distance, and you can check the approximate rate of your ride in advance.


The first thing to do is download the app on your mobile. Once you’ve done that and registered you’ll see it’s easy to use. With the app you create your account, which is connected to your creditcard. So even if you’re out of cash, there’s always a way to get back home safely, and that’s a comforting idea.

To experience Uber yourself we offer our readers their first ride up to €20. Uber is available in quite a few cities worldwide and still expanding.

Uber 2

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