Nothing ‘butt’ Gisèle

gisele_BLK_DNMDon’t know how you select  a perfect pair of jeans, but my criterion is ‘how does my derriere look in them’? It’s not seeing the face of a topmodel laughing at me from a billboard that will make me buy them.

So, I don’t really care that Gisèle Bündchen‘s face is not visible in the BLK DNM campaign. The essence of the jeans is the fit. And even though Gisèle has a near to perfect body, I’d rather see more of the jeans than more of her.

Photographer Johan Lindeberg seems to share that idea, and used a somewhat unusual approach in fashion photography; no hair, no makeup. It’s a real timesaver though, because they’ve finished the shoot in 2 hours.

The result is nothing ‘butt’ Gisèle. Or, well its mainly Gisèle’s butt we see…

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