Moroccanoil Treatment Light

Morrocan_oil_light_featureIn the beauty world, if you haven’t heard the Moroccanoil buzz by now, you’ve probably been living under a rock.

Moroccanoil is a wonder product that launched a few years back and has been hugely popular in the haircare industry — quite simply, because it’s amazing.

Moroccanoil is perhaps most well-known for its “Original Treatment,” but it now creates a slew of fantastic products for hair and body: shampoo, conditioner, styling cream, hair masks, mousse, scalp treatments, hairspray, body butter, body oil, hand cream, shower gel and soap. Phew!MoroccanOil-Light

The Moroccanoil Treatment Light is a new take on the original formula, which is more lightweight and therefore better for thin, blonde or fine hair. It’s not only super hydrating (thanks to omega-3 oils, fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins), but it also leaves no residue behind. It speeds the drying time of your hair, and can be used as a styling product as well. Because it absorbs so quickly, it protects hair from heat and environmental damage. And did I mention it smells of tropical coconut? I rest my case.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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