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Kaliyoga: The Yoga

kali_yoga_yoga1Yoga classes at Kaliyoga’s are based on Dynamic Yoga, a method developed by yoga master Godfrey Devereux.

The concept explores the relationship between body and mind, working to release tension and relax muscles while learning to listen to your inner self. While I’ve always been taught in yoga classes to push my body to its limits, at Kaliyoga I had to learn to reel myself in. Dynamic Yoga isn’t about extreme flexibility or strength – it’s about working in total harmony with your body and mind.


Our first classes in the week were introductory, as we familiarized ourselves with the practice and exploring easier postures. As the week progressed, so too did our lessons. Morning classes were focused on asana sequences (a non-stop flow between postures, which is great for neuromuscular foundations and energy systems in the body). Mornings ended with meditation sessions, teaching us how to calm our minds and erase the toxic negativity that seeps in through daily life.


In evening classes we often tried different types of yoga, including a fun session of partner yoga on our last night.


The yogashala, or room where we practiced, was located at the end of a short stoney path, just a few moments away from the house where we stayed. The view was breathtaking, overlooking snow-capped mountains. It was particularly stunning in morning classes, as we watched the fog lift from the hillside as the sun began to warm the room.




Retreat participants ranged from total beginners to advanced yogis (we even had a yoga teacher in our class!), so everyone worked at their own pace, with no sense of competition. If anything, the classes were even catered toward beginners, as our instructor worked slowly and started with the complete basics of yoga.

Kaliyoga is located in the Alpujarras region of Granada province, Andalucia, southern Spain. It can be reached by flying into Malaga or Granada airports (an airport transfer service can be arranged through Kaliyoga). Fees range from £795 to £1045 per week, depending which program you select, and the fee includes accommodation, food, yoga classes, plus unlimited use of the pool, sauna and hot top. Additional treatments and holistic therapies can be purchased at the retreat (they are all about €65). Kaliyoga also has a second stunning location in Provençe, France.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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