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Kaliyoga: The Superfoods

kali_yoga_superfoods1Superfood. It’s the latest buzz word in health and dieting, but where do these alleged “hero” foods come from – and what can they do for your body?

During my stay at Kaliyoga in Spain, we learned all about superfoods and the benefits they can deliver to your body. From increased energy and libido, to weight loss or anti-aging benefits, superfoods are packed with a slew of amazing ingredients that literally feed your entire body with natural nutrients and vitamins.


“Superfoods are guaranteed to be rich in nutrients,” says Veronica, the resident nutritionist at Kaliyoga. “They are nature’s alternative to nutritional supplements; instead of a synthetic vitamin or pill, they are actual foods and can therefore be absorbed better. Superfoods are an excellent addition to the modern diet. They can detoxify the body while increasing energy, immunity and general well-being.”


Superfoods can best be taken at breakfast, as they absorb better on an empty stomach. Plus, kick-starting your day with a superfood-rich breakfast is likely to set up a pattern for healthy eating all day long.

I find that most superfoods are either very tasty on their own, or can be bought in a powder and easily blended into smoothies, desserts and sauces for easy consumption.


Inspired by the notion of superfoods and curious to find out what they can do for my body, I have selected five to incorporate into my daily diet:

Ashwagandha: a life-extending tonic that helps counter-act the effects of stress and burnout. Helps relieve nervous exhaustion and restore sexual vitality.

Chia seeds: Used by Aztects and Mayans for endurance and energy. It’s excellent for weight loss, because it adds bulk to food (making you feel fuller for longer). It gives your body energy and slows the conversion of carbohydrates into sugar.

Maca: enhances fertility and libido, while helping to regulate hormones. It helps reduce anxiety, stress and depression.

Spirulina: has five times more digestible protein than beef! It’s rich in essential fatty acids, iron, curbs appetite, stabilizes blood sugar and is both detoxifying and toning.

Cacao: “Nature’s answer to Prozac,” says Veronica. “It’s the highest possible source of antioxidants possible and is high in magnesium, which is great for your heart.” It also works to regulate blood pressure, help reduce menstrual cramps, and increase the attentiveness and the feeling of happiness!


In my morning breakfast smoothie I mix banana, apple, spinach, cucumber, cinnamon, almond milk and a splash of maple syrup with a tablespoon of chia seeds and one teaspoon each of maca, ashwagandha and cacao nibs. One week later, I’m feeling amazingly energized and so full – I’ve been amazed at how easily I can make it from breakfast to lunch without any feeling of hunger in between!


To learn more about superfoods visit Veronica’s website, Lotus Union. The company has a great selection of superfoods available (and delivers to Holland!) You can also find some superfoods in organic grocery stores in Holland like Marqt and Eko Plaza. Be sure to read ingredients in anything before you buy it, to be sure you’re getting the raw form of the superfood – and only the superfood, not mixed with anything else.

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Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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