Garance Doré’s beauty secrets

Garance_beauty_secrets1Somehow we’re always curious what’s in some people’s bathroom. Especially classy ladies, like for instance Garance Doré. Vogue Paris had a look…

She’s one of the IT-bloggers, and since she lives in New York with her Mr LoverLover Scott Schuman it makes it even more interesting if she stuck to her French beauty ritual or took over some of the ‘American’ beauty.


Well, actually it hasn’t change much, she’s loyal to her roots. Thanks to her Morroccan grandma she learned to take a special me-time day to do a complete beauty ritual from hair to nails. And we’re jealous when she’s says she likes to read in her bathtub….we wish we had one to do so as well.

Read more about Garance’s beauty tricks here.

 Images courtesy of Vogue Paris


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