Belvedere Bloody Mary

Belvedere_winner2The best remedy for a hangover? A good old Bloody Mary, right? Quite suitable: a cocktail named after a Royal after these days filled with Royalty.

Last week we witnessed a Bloody Mary shake-off between several of Amsterdam’s 10 best mixologists…

Of course the cocktails evolved around the main component: Belvedere Bloody Mary maceration, which consists of 7 natural ingredients such as black pepper, horseradish, red pepper, chili, vinegar distillate, tomato and lemon.Belvedere5

The location for the shake-off was Izakaya’s Asian kitchen & bar, because the venue is famous for their Bloody Geisha, one of the best bloody mary’s in town.

Only one contestant was able to shake-off his competitors: Willy Rustamjan from bar/restaurant Ludwig has won the challenge with his cocktail Mary’s Ball’s.

Here’s the recipe:

2 parts of ginger

20 ml of mango juice

20 ml of tomato juice

40 ml of Belvedere Bloody Mary maceration

1 tuft of coriander

1 tsp of worcestershire sauce

3 tsps Sriracha sauce

1 part of lemon

To garnish:

1 red pepper

Enjoy with moderation!


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