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Wednesday Wear-Abouts

WWA_10april_6This is a bit of a special Wednesday Wear-About. As you might notice, I am not wearing any shoes…


Next Tuesday, Aprl 16th, it’s ODWS: ‘One Day Without Shoes‘. An initiative from TOMS shoes to create awareness for millions of children in third world countries who are not able to afford proper shoes. This means they are exposed to infections and diseases.

It made me think how evident shoes are to us. Without blinking we spend hundreds of Euros just to have these special shoes…but did you actually experience what it would be like to walk barefoot for a day? (walking on the beach during holiday doesn’t count!) We dare you to try, on April 16th.


Many celebrities, athletes, musicians, students but also random people all over the world preceded you. Check the ODWS video below:

And you know what? You can still look stylish without shoes!

This is what I am wearing for a ‘barefoot’ challenge on today’s Wednesday Wear-About:

Oversized grey sweatshirt with skull print from Just Female, a burgundy velvet leopard legging from Zara (previous season) and matching dark red nailpolish from Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine on my toes. My rosé rings are from Avelon and Second Female (cross ring), the bracelet with spiky ends is from

What will you be wearing (besides shoes) on ODWS? Share it  here.


Images ©The Digitalistas


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