Jourdan’s shrimps

cara-jourdan-topshop_mtvstyleIt’s always fun to see models in a more natural habitat, and even more if this involves food, or better yet, cooking!

For those who didn’t know, Jourdan Dunn has her cooking tutorial (or something like it) on Jay-Z’s youtube channel: Well Dunn.

Already the second season for this foodie, she makes shrimp tempura with bestie Cara Delevingne for this fresh episode. MissyD put on her onesie for this culinary session -and she was right because those two are a bit messy in da kitchen.

Jourdan likes to sing while chopping the garlic and ginger, which gives Cara the opportunity for a hint of beatboxin’. That will sure make the shrimp taste better. Hungry yet?

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