Get punk with Cara

Cara_Delevingne_punk_1You’ve probably noticed that Cara Delevingne features often on the site these days. There’s just no way to get around her. She pops up everywhere! Now as a punk in a Quentin Jones fashion video.

But we don’t mind Cara’s multiple appearances, because the girl is fun. And she can pull off any look too. Even with a spiky pixie haircut, her cuteness remains. It wasn’t a first for Cara anyway, she went punk before with a purple mohawk for Fendi. Can’t go more punk than that, right?

As for the director of the video -illustrator and film maker Quentin Jones- we just like the stop-motion style of her videos (yes, it’s a girl). Did you know she’s the face of Spanish label Hoss Intropia and that she designed a bag for a charitative cause supported by the label?


Video -Quentin Jones
Model -Cara Delevingne
Image (featured) -Quentin Jones, courtesy of Vogue, catwalkimages courtesy of Yahoo lifestyle UK
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