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Beauty is in the genes

Marie_Ange_Casta_1In some families, beauty seems to run in the veins. Take Marie-Ange Casta. Indeed, Laetitia Casta’s baby sister of 22.

She couldn’t pass unnoticed by her sister’s agency’s bookers, so she quickly  landed herself some campaigns for Mango, Reebok and Vichy with her angelic face, luscious lips and wavy long hair. Today she is a model/actress -just like her big sis- but also a gallerist. Dreaming of becoming an art teacher in her early years, she recently opened Citadella gallery with art dealer Tao Kerefoff and creator of Corsican Calvi on the Rocks musical festival, Jean-Marie Tassy.

Marie-Ange when she was little with her big sister Laetitia, who is 14 years older.

French magazine Le Figaro has her featured in an editorial, and we must admit we have a model crush…



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