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Vogue NL 1 year anniversary

Vogue_1yr_6Yesterday Vogue NL organized a lunch for online media to celebrate their 1 year anniversary. Time flies…

It took quite some time before the Netherlands actually got Vogue, and now the baby is almost a toddler. A year in which the team put much effort and passion to create the magazine according to the international standards, but with a typical Dutch flavour.


Editor in Chief of Vogue NL Karin Swerink said: “Did Vogue NL ever ‘not’ exist?”

Here’s a summary of ‘One year in Vogue (NL)’:

Up for more many years of (Dutch) fashion, models, inspiration and more. Vogue NL’s new issue (including a Chanel mascara) will be available March 20. See a preview of an editorial below:VogueNL_april_preview

Check some more pictures of the lunch and the result of the Chanel makeover afterwards on Facebook.


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