Trend Tag: O.W.A.P. special

TrendTag_OWAP_specialThis time Easter coincides with one of the most fun en neon-colourful parties of the year O.W.A.P. And for those who really don’t know what a nineties dance til’ ya drop look was all about, here’s some inspiration in the ‘special’ Trend Tag.

One rule for an oldskool acid house party: be a walking coulour pop. Typical for the nineties is to show your belly button, so wear these silver shiny hotpants from New Look with a Stella McCartney for Adidas neon trimmed bikinitop (it’s going to be hot in there anyway). If you’d prefer to cover up a bit more, opt for the yellow neon top from Dagmar and wrap the Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater around your waist. So far for the basic outfit, now pimp it with the essential accessories. Vans has cute neon socks to wear in your hot pink cheetah Converse sneakers. A water resistant watch (make sure you don’t miss that top DJ appears behind the decks) from AND, a multicoloured bracelet on the other arm, a pattern square Ray-Ban wayfarer to resist the stroboscopes, a cool cap and…..the fanny pack!! Can’t get more nineties than with one of these, aight?

Don’t forget you can still win 1×2 tickets! Click here.

Credits from left to right:
Neon trimmed bikini top adidas by Stella McCartney € 55
Multi-coloured cap Sick Girl via Asos €45,96
Neon top Dagmar € 200 via Net-a-Porter
Wet Rubber watch from AND € 79
Silver shiny hotpants New Look € 18,99
Mby MJ sweater shocking orange €223,85
3-pack Crash Canoodle socks Vans via Asos € 13,13
Friis&Co via New Look € 39,99
Bex Rox cuff bracelet € 187,55
Ray-Ban colourful pattern square wayfarer € 183,82
Classic cheetah sneakers by Converse via WLF € 74,95
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