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Review: Wrangler Denim Spa Smooth Legs

The Wrangler Denim Spa collection was recently launched in a stylish loft in Amsterdam. We’ve learned more about the details of this ‘cosmetic textile’ specific concept.

Wrangler is one of these classic denim labels -created in 1947- once developed for the sturdy cowboys. It used to be a rodeo tailor who set his mark on the label with the usage of rigid denim; broken twill in a zig zag weave. At that time jeans were only worn by men, so denim for women were not really available yet…

Things changed in the 70’s when fashion became liberal and women started wearing jeans. A certain comfort level was required. Adding stretch was one of the solutions, but recently Wrangler discovered a new opportunity while exploring the trends in the market to develop softer female denim: cosmetic textile.

They’ve partnered with a specialized company  to do research in textiles with added moisturizing properties, which resulted in the denim spa jeans collection.

There are three fits available: the Courtney (low waist -skinny), Molly (low waist- slim) and Corynn (regular waist-skinny). Each them are infused with microcapsules containing a different set of ingredients (Smooth Legs, Aloë Vera or Olive Extract), either to moisturize the legs or even to help banish cellulite. When the moisturizing effects have worked out after 6-8 washes, there is a spray to ‘reload’.

I’ve tried the Smooth Legs Corynn, and my legs do feel smoother after wearing the jeans for a day. It is a good solution for the busy and impatient girls among us; no need for an extra moisturizing ritual when you come out of the shower. Just pull on your denim spa jeans and GO!

More on the Wrangler Denim Spa collection here. And about the campaign starring Elizabeth Jagger here.

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