PFW video: Sonia Rykiel

The Sonia Rykiel-look created by it’s newly appointed artistic director Geraldo de Conceiçao (former Miu Miu) is a tad more modernist than the queen of knitwear used to make, but we kind of like it….

For sure that we’ll be running off to buy a pair of these knee-high socks! Because we want some of that naughty French ‘Warm Chéri’, ‘Play Amour’ and ‘Hot Joie’!

Overall it feels more serious with a lack of laughing and dancing models (they were zig-zagging the catwalks with a bored face instead), though the clothes haven’t lost the Rykiel touch.

Watch the show of the renewed and refined Rykiel below:


Here are some favorite looks:

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