Lovely lunch @ Bridges

The first rays of a Spring sun and new Executive Chef Joris Bijdendijk were enough reason for Bridges ‘Inspired by Ron Blaauw’ to organize a lovely lunch.

From journalists to famous Dutch chefs, the invitation to enjoy the Spring menu with accompanying wines was grabbed with both hands. What a delicious way to start the week!

Bridges ‘Inspired by Ron Blaauw’ is the restaurant located in the Sofitel Legend The Grand Hotel in the very centre of Amsterdam, and offers French cuisine (mainly fish) with an innovative touch.

The tasting started with a glass of bubbles and appetizers which were small versions of the starters. Can’t tell you how divine the Pizza Caviar tasted, and it was served in the cutest small pizza-box!

When we were all set at our tables, the culinary feast began. It was somewhat of a surprise menu to enable sharing with your table companions, but we were so overwhelmed by our own dishes that we forgot to do that. I didn’t really mind, as all of my dishes were divine…

Roasted Langoustine with a tartar of trout caviar, green curry cream and marinated black radish

Second course:
Ceviche of coquille St Jacques in a structure of artichoke, pata negra, lemon confit and topped with Aestra Amour caviar

Main course:
Roasted lobster with foie gras, vin jaune, carrot mousse and grilled vegetables

Panna Cotta of crème cru and lemon with a sorbet of basil

I have a soft spot for good desserts, but they are often sweet. This dessert did not only look fantastic (like a real lemon on the inside and out!) but tasted heavenly and refreshing. The basil balanced the acidity of the lemon so perfectly, I would not have wanted anything sweet or chocolaty instead.

If you are up to indulging yourself with some palate tantalizing lunch or dinner , Bridges is the place to go.

Make your reservations here.


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