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Danish dining: Madklubben

Madklubben_featureWalking by restaurant Madklubben during day when it was not opened, my radar sensed that it would be a good spot to have dinner on the first night in Copenhagen

Just a stone’s throw away (say 10 steps) from the hotel, this hotspot promised (and turned out) to be a perfect example of Danish dining.

Like the Dutch, the Danish have dinner between 6 and 7 pm, and I was a bit worried when we arrived at 6:30 pm that the place was packed. It actually was (on a weekdays evening!), but we managed to obtain a nice table.Madklubben_tables

As for the menu, Madklubben offers menu formulas for fixed prices, except for some more special dishes, a supplement is in order. A funny feature on the menu is the staff meal; you can have the same the staff had for dinner, which could be a good (or bad) surprise. Not feeling that adventurous we’ve opted for the salad with Jerusalem artichokes, pears, parmesan and walnut dressing and house smoked salmon with cress, sour carrots and lemon jelly (which looks like transparent toothpaste) as starters.

The main dishes consisted of: the Madklubben cheeseburger, complete with sauce, lettuce and a warm pack of crisps, and cod with cauliflower, almonds in nage sauce and baked jacket potatoes with a hint of sea salt and sage on the side.

Satisfied stomachs didn’t stop from ordering dessert…the best version of a banana split I ever had! Soft homemade vanilla ice cream, cream, crunch, chocolate sauce and bananas…mmmm.

Madklubben_kitchenMadklubben_food1Madklubben_food2Madklubben_food3Madklubben_food4Images: Madklubben (1,2,3) and food ©The Digitalistas


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  1. Anne Mette Hancock maart 23, 2013

    We are glad you liked it. Come visit us again soon!

    Best regards,
    Anne Mette Hancock

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