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Movie review: Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook is one of these typical movies where the characters are pivotal in the story.

It is bittersweet: an unusual mix of flavours. Basically, it all evolves around Pat (Bradley Cooper), a former teacher who has had a mental breakdown after beating up his wife’s lover, for which he ended up in an institution for a while. He is being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but gets discharged on condition to move back with his parents Pat Sr (Robert de Niro) and Dolores (Jacki Weaver). Senior has a lucrative retirement side business as a bookie for his so beloved Philadelphia Eagles football team, and Pat Junior’s relation to his father is also quite a challenge. To complicate things even more, Pat has set as a goal to reconcile with his ex Nikki. For that to happen, he thinks that living healthy and looking for the ‘silver linings’ in his life are the answer, until Tiffany  (Jennifer Lawrence) -recovering sex addict and in a fragile mental state as well-  causes a stir in his daily routine.

Both managing their psychological conditions, they develop a weird, neurotic friendship which along the way seems to have a healing purpose.

What is beautiful about the story is that it’s totally messed up and endearing at the same time. All the credits for the actors who play their roles so purely and convincing. I was impressed to see Bradley Cooper’s versatility, and Jennifer Lawrence is a true revelation. Needless to add that de Niro is brilliant as ever.

And the Oscar goes to….fingers crossed!

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