Movie review: I Give it a Year

I’ve always appreciated a good British comedy. They are a bit goofy, yet with a dry sense of humor. And so was ‘Give it a Year’ from the makers of Notting Hill and Bridget Jones’ diary and the writer of Borat.

The timing for a viewing on Valentine’s day was the catch of course, because this movie is about a newly wed couple. And as it goes in life, sometimes you marry the wrong person.

It starts with the wedding -usually rom coms end with one- of Josh (Rafe Spall), the carefree writer with a writer’s block, and Nat (Rose Byrne), the slightly uptight business woman.
They seem quite happy in the beginning, though none of their friends and family are convinced it will last.

Eventually the first cracks of the relationship appear when their differences become irritations, and  Nat becomes receptive for the luring charms of her handsome and dashing client Guy (Simon Baker), while Josh maintains a steady friendship with his ex-girlfriend Chloe. Yet both Josh and Nat feel like they have to save their marriage and give it another shot, by for instance going to couples counselling. This enrolls in some hilarious scenes as the counsellor (Olivia Colman) is a frustrated mental case.

The film wouldn’t have turned out the way it has if it wasn’t for the supporting characters by the likes of Minnie Driver as Naomi, Nat’s cynical sister, and Stephen Merchant who plays Danny, Josh’ best man and most annoying and socially deranged best friend.

What’s interesting about the film is that it magnifies and humorizes certain situations that are very plausible in real life, or say, most marriages?

The movie releases in Dutch theaters  on February 21st.

Director: Da Mazer (Borat, Bruno)
Cast: Rose Byrne (Bridesmaids), Rafe Spall (Life of Pi, Earthbound), Anna Faris (Scary Movie, What’s your number?), Simon Baker (The Mentalist)
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