Lizzie Jagger X Wrangler

We haven’t seen or heard much of Lizzie Jagger in contrast to her sister Georgia May, but she’s back. Elizabeth features in Wrangler’s Denim Spa campaign.

The half Texan beauty has always been familiar to the brand, as she frequently wore Wrangler jeans on family visits in Texas.

Though this is not just a regular pair of jeans. The Denim Spa skinny’s are moisturizing! More about these specific jeans soon, which claim to have anti-cellulite properties.

The choice for Lizzie to front the campaign goes in line with the brand’s motto: ‘to be modern, one must learn from the past’. In the 60’s Lizzie’s dad – Rolling Stone Mick Jagger- was regularly photographed in Wrangler denim, and therefore, Lizzie’s teaming up with the brand connects generations.

The three Denim Spa models will be available on

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