M.A.C year of the snake

2013 is the year of the snake according to Chinese astrology. And so was the year Digi K was born! What a nice coïncidence.

The Chinese New Year has not officially begun, it starts February 10. For the occasion M.A.C launches a mystic makeup collection: year of the snake, characterized by lively colours and shimmering finishes. Beauty powder gives the skin a gorgeous glow, eyeshadow creates striking contrasts, and pigments provide an even more intense effect.

Zoom lash shows off with an extra dimension for the eyes, and the powerpoint eye pencil defines a razorsharp  contour line. The lips are all enhanced with thrilling shine , and last but not least, all is packaged in fabulous snake design.

Available from January 26th, exclusively via www.maccosmetics.nl

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