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2013 wishes

Our list of new year’s wishes for 2013.

Digi E’s wishes:
1. Finally learn how to play the guitar
2. Find the ultimate sunglasses
3. Get more tan
4. Go to Paris
5. Wandering in Central Park in the snow
6. Ride on a camel. This time in Marrakech
7. Have less stress and more relaxation
8. Try a new hair cut
9. Fly to the moon…
10. Have another holiday break
11. Enjoy life even more!

Digi K’s wishes
1. Learn how to sing
2. Buy a MINI
3. Get more Vitamin D
4. Go to Las Vegas
5. Drive down Route 66 in a convertible
6. Ride on an elephant in Africa
7. Go to the spa more often
8. Meet the love of my life
9. Have sushi at Jiro in Tokyo
10.Live on Ibiza
11. Take a pet (preferably a cute dog)
12. Have a walk-in closet
13. Stay healthy! The most important to make the above come true!

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