Review: Park Plaza Whirlpool Suite

We were offered an overnight stay at the Whirlpool suite in the Park Plaza Vondelpark hotel in our own hometown, and had some fun with the bathrobes and….ehm, the whirlpool.

It’s actually a bit weird to stay in a hotel in the same city you live in, but we were happy to test and review the Whirlpool Suite of the Park Plaza Vondelpark hotel.

The location in the South -and upscale- district of Amsterdam is very nice, but you might not notice the hotel right away, settled on the streetside of the Koninginneweg. Once you’ve past the treshold, the lobby is modern and inviting with hanging bubble chairs and some cosy elements. This was a good start, so we were curious about our ‘suite.’

A friendly receptionist walked us to the room in the adjacent building. Our first impression was that the room seemed spacious -more than regular rooms- but not exactly what we would define as a suite. Don’t get us wrong, but because we frequently stay in luxury hotels during presstrips, we have high standards of what a suite should measure up to.

Nevertheless, we had decided to have a fun time and fully test what the room had to offer. It was a cold and rainy Friday night, so we put our sweatpants and warm socks on to enjoy The Voice of Holland live show on the big Samsung flatscreen TV, and indulge the welcoming snacks.

Afterwards Digi K took a foambath in the whirlpool to discover that the ‘whirpool’ function didn’t work at its best (the regulation buttons were faulty), but hey, the delicious foam of the Dead Sea Minerals bath products worked as a charm, and she just tried to imagine herself in a spa.

Overall, the boxspring bed is comfortable and the room and bathroom are spacious, but the suite seems more suitable for the business travellers. The coffeemachine is there, the flat-iron for trousers and the entertainment (flatscreen and music installation) is complete, though we missed a cosy athmosphere one could expect in the upscale surroundings of this part of Amsterdam (we keep ourselves recommended for styling tips).

To end on a positive note: they have ‘poffertjes’ (typical Dutch small pancakes) at breakfast. Please keep those on the menu!

Images © Elisah Jacobs/ The Digitalistas

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