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Digitalistic Event: Sanne’s GARAGE SALE

As my closet starts to become fuller and fuller and I will be moving soon to a place with a little less space, I thought it would be a great idea to hold a garage sale before I go.  And that is exactly what I’m doing!

You have come to know my style a little bit because of the Digitalistic Style items and I thought it would be nice to make a collage of all the shoots that I did with Elisah to refresh your memory!

I have a lot of vintage clothing, but also some brands, lot’s of H&M clothing, unworn Primark items and of course a lot of shoes, bags and other accessories.

A couple of friends of mine will also be selling their clothes in my ‘garage’ so there will be a variety of sizes and styles available.

We’re going to make a fun day of it so get your agenda’s out and leave Saturday the 22nd of December wide open for this shopping experience! Bring all your (female) friends and come by to take a look!

Just send me an email if you want to come and I’ll send you the address!



Saturday December 22nd

From 14:00 – 21: 00

Email me:

And stay tuned for a sneak preview coming up next week…

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