We <3 Antidote Magazine

Before Carine Roitfeld came up with her Fashion Book CR, there was already an amazing bookazine: Antidote. Their latest ‘Animal’ issue is bewildering…

The concept has changed a bit; instead of having separate stories the visuals are now mixed, but they’ve kept the different covers to choose from.

Have a peek at some of the amazing pictures. Go and get your copy! (spotted at Atheneum bookstore  in Amsterdam) or on http://magazineantidote.com/E-SHOP


Photographer: Txema Yeste.
Creative and fashion director: Yann Weber.
Models: Constance Jablonski, Andres Velencoso, Edita Vilkeviciute, Jessica Miller, Sigrid Agren, Tony Ward, Catherine Mc Neil, Anna Selezneva and Crystal Renn.
Casting director: Sibylle de Saint Phalle.
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