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Try out: Samsung DA-E550 dock

Sometimes you get to test devices that seem to fit in your interior as well. Like the Samsung DA-E550 dock.

We played hide and seek in my apartment before I found the best spot to install the horn-shaped dock, which appears to be my window sill, in great company of my Kartell design lamp.

However, it’s not only the appearance that counts, funcionality should not be underestimated! So I’ve tested the dock with my iPod. The remote control didn’t quite work as expected, I wasn’t able to scroll in my playlists.

On the other hand, the sound is good, you can control the bass -which works well on certain types of music- and though it doesn’t fill the room like a Dolby Surround system does, being portable and wireless (through blue tooth connectivity), it could fulfill your musical needs in other parts of the living area such as the kitchen or bedroom. Just give it a nice spot where it blends in with the decoration and you’ll have a win-win situation.


The Samsung DA-E550 dock is available for € 189,-. It’s compatible with Samsung as well as Apple products.

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