J Beverly Hills

Since my recent dramatic hair transformation, I’ve been looking for the best colour-safe shampoos to protect my locks.

If any of you readers dye your hair, please take this advice: quit assuming your hair dresser is trying to sell you hair products for extra profit. He/she knows what they are doing and know the best products for your hair. If you’ve paid for an dye job, you must invest in some quality products to protect the colour treatment.

Que my introduction of J Beverly Hills Fragile Color-Safe products. They not only protect colour, but add shine and improve manageability while gently cleansing. They also protect against chemical reactions (ever heard horror stories of dyed hair changing tint or shade?) The shampoo-conditioner duo are based on natural botanicals like chamomile, nettle and sage. Plus, they are paraben and sulfate free – love this!

Click here to check out more about J Beverly Hills.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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