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Paris Bloggers Battle Fever

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The four of us (Digi K., Digi E. and our GBFF’s) went roadtrippin’ to Paris for a Bloggers Battle last weekend in the newest Citroën DS5. The challenge was set up by Citroën to let us experience the car’s comfort level  on the ‘autoroute’ to Paris. Because the kind of car you drive is very much related to lifestyle!
Our Parisian adventure with ‘La belle DS (could also be translated to ‘Déesse’, which is pronounced the same way and means ‘Godess’ in French) led us to many beautiful spots. We went to the Fashion Week area -of which we’ve already posted pictures, we strolled down le Marais, did some serious shopping (enough room in the trunk to carry your purchases!), had a fancy birthday dinner for Digi K’s B-day at Hotel Costes and ate too much macaroons…

The next couple of days you’ll find more Paris snap shots we’ve made during our stay on the Facebook page of Citroën. Don’t forget to vote for us!!



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