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Inspiration by Sanne: Knitting!

As winter is arriving, I thought it would be a great time to start a new hobby. And what could be a better hobby than knitting!

My friend Marloes gave me the idea when she started crocheting. I got a book about knitting from a friend, but found that it was very difficult to copy the moves from a book. Therefore, I started looking for movies on the internet, and I found a few good examples that I lined up for you right here!

First you have to set up the needle.

The most easy mesh is the straight one. I started with this to make a very big scarf.

Another popular mesh is the one where you get kind of a braided pattern.

Of course there are infinite possibilities and I hope that you will be making a lot of beautiful scarf’s, sweaters and much more! Good luck!

Here is some inspiration for you to get started!

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