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ASOLUTely Unique

ABSOLUT is known for creating spectacular limited edition bottles each year. This time the bottle is really unique. All 4 million of them.

We can hear you thinking: ‘what’s so unique about it then?’ Let us explain. ABSOLUT has turned their production proces upside down. To make sure that the almost 4 million bottles would be unique, they had to program complex patterns, coatings and position-algorythms in the paintguns and colourmachines. 38 different colours and 51 patterns have been used on the bottles to give them each a unique appearance. Take a look:

Until now, many artists have given their vision on the ABSOLUT limited edition bottle, but this time ABSOLUT was the artist. We must say it turned out very well, and it’s definitely our favourite limited edition so far (okay, we still a have a soft spot for the ABSOLUT ROCK from 2009, though we never got our hands on that one), and it has found its place on our shelf next to last year’s ABSOLUT MODE bottle. There not much to say about the taste, of course that hasn’t changed. Click here to find cocktailrecipes for you to brew in your kitchen, according to your taste. Cheers!


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