A digitalistic getaway: Harissa Villas

Our most favourite place to stay in Ibiza.

We just came back from an amazing business trip to sunny Ibiza. While we left cloudy and rainy Amsterdam behind we entered the most gorgeous villa we’ve ever seen. Harissa Villas is established by the Dutch Yvonne Hulst and her husband Alberto Cortes. For everyone who’s looking for the perfect holiday: pick Harissa! You can choose from 18 Harissa Villas and 9 Ibiza Pool Villas: from 6 to 14 people. The best way to experience Ibiza.

The interior is an eclectic mixture of treasures from Bali, Java and Morocco. Every villa is decorated with beautiful wooden doors from Morocco, granite lavatories, huge wooden dining tables and vintage chairs. Find more info in here www.harissa.nl.

PS. Apparently the villa we stayed in used to belong to the BeeGees! Ain’t that a fun anecdote?!

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