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What else are we missing?

I found this particular video a few months ago, and for me it’s a real eye-opener.

The video made me realize that from time to time you need a moment to slow down, stop rushing and start paying attention to the beautiful things in life passing you by every day!

The video in a nutshell: You see a man at a metro station in Washington DC playing the violin. He performed six of Bach’s famous pieces in about 45 minutes. It was calculated that 1.100 people passed by the musician during these 45 minutes, remarkably only a few people stopped to listen. After a few seconds, they looked at their watch and walked on.

Several young children seemed to pay the most attention, but their parents were in a hurry, so the children were forced to walk on. No one knew that the violist was Joshua Bell, one of the most talented musicians in the world. Two days before his performance in the subway, Bell sold out at a theater in Boston where people paid $100 per ticket to listen to his music.

Apparently most of us do not really pay attention to the beautiful things in life, because we are too busy with our day to day stride. So, if people cannot spare a moment to stop and listen to one of the best musicians in the world, how many other things are we missing due to our hasty lifestyle? It makes you think, right?

Enjoy the video..


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