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Pedicure@SOAP treatment store

Last week I had the pleasure of returning to one of my favourite Amsterdam beauty spots – SOAP Treatment Store – to test out a new treatment on the menu this autumn. The OPI GelColor nail polish will now be available for feet!

GelColor is an amazing new gel-like polish which promises to last for two weeks on hands, and even longer on feet. The colour doesn’t fade or chip (not even when on the beach!) and stays permanently glossy. It requires a special application process, which unfortunately means you can’t soak your tootsies in warm soapy water, as your toes need to be dry and oil-free for application. But don’t fret! The technician can still file, buff and clean up feet before applying the polish.

The range of colours available isn’t as large as the regular OPI collection; they have started making GelColors in their most popular hues to start. Nevertheless, there’s a beautiful selection including all the ‘regular’ shades I love: pinks, reds, black, navy blue, nude and – my choice – a mushroomy taupe, which is perfect for blustery fall.

Already a week has passed and my toes are still in tip-top shape. I’m careful to use foot cream on them every day after showering to keep my skin supple and soft. You’ll be able to find a great selection of products for skin (and face) at SOAP.

The pedicure will be on the menu as of 11 October. It will be available in two versions: with a pedicure (meaning your toes will be cleaned up and primped before polishing) for €60, or without a pedicure (polish application only) for €30. Best of all: the soak off is always free! Normal nail polish remover doesn’t work to take off the GelColor, but SOAP offers the removal (30 minutes) for free.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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