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Nº7: new season makeup session

Boots N°7 presented their new season makeup collection in Amsterdam yesterday.

It’s the UK brand’s 77th anniversary this year. Their philosophy is to make high quality cosmetics accessible for everyone, and for the occasion a restyling of the products has occured, and some new products have been added.

After a short introduction of the N°7 brand, some new season makeup trends were highlighted, and we moved on to short makeup sessions where the products were given a more extended explanation. It was all on display to try and test ourselves, and when needed, get a little help from the N°7 ladies.

I (Digi K) just got some glitzy grey eyeliner on, because I had a diner to rush off to afterwards, but I have discovered some new products I will definitely add to my wishlist:

•Stay Perfect Smoothing Eyeshadow (€10,95)
It comes in a tip-in-tube packaging in a creamy substance which make it easy to apply and put in your bag
•Stay Precise Felt Tip Eyeliner (€9,95)
I always had a preference for these kind of ‘marker’ eyeliners; like the name says, you can create a precise line
•Sheer Temptation Lipstick (€11,95)
This one is perfect if you prefer a less obvious hint of colour on your lips. It’s more shiny than a lipstick, but less sticky than a lipgloss as it’s not a liquid substance

N°7 is available at selected Boots pharmacies or via the webshop.

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