My Pipin’ Hot Gellak Nails

I just got my nails done in a flaming hot orange hue as a final attempt to hang onto summer.

The colour is a gel nail (the hottest trend in nail polish at the moment), which means it promises to last for two weeks. You can do all the things that would normally be a sure way to chip your colour – think dishes, go swimming, clean and exercising – but the gel colour lasts through it all.

My best Aussie friend and I had the manicures done by Annemarie Bakker, an aesthetician based in Baarn. She began by filing and cleaning our nails, shaping and prepping them for the coats of polish. After each coat, my hand went into a special UV machine for three minutes, which set the colour. Voila! No worries about letting them dry for an hour before touching anything.

Unfortunately my nails grow very quickly – which is a good sign for my health – but means I can only squeeze 10 days out of my colour. Still, an excellent investment for just €24.50. Annemarie also does parties, so you and your girlfriends can prep for the perfect night out with manis and pedis. Find more info in here

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz










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