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Diorskin Nude Fluide



With the goal of creating a product to imitate ‘fresh and radiant bare skin,’ Dior has launched its latest foundation.

Diorskin Nude Fluide is a creamy formula that not only covers skin, but gives it a flawless photo-finish.

A slew of scientific studies at Dior laboratories have ensured the foundation nourishes skin while reflecting light to give you an amazing glow (thanks to an added special new photosensitive pigment). Available in 17 shades from ivory to dark beige, the lightweight formula blends perfectly with your any tone.

Earlier this year, I had my makeup done by Dior artists [] using Diorskin Nude Fluide and I must say: the result was flawless. My skin had an incredible (non-greasy) glow and all blemishes were covered – though it still looked natural and not cakey or thick.

Ingredients Vitamin C and copper work to leave skin soft, while magnesium and sericin hydrate and zinc improves cellular renewal to add glow.

Doirskin Nude Fluide retails for €45, but you’ll want Dior’s special brushes to apply it (between €50 and €60 each). Dior has also launched a Diorskin Nude Poudre Compact (company powder) which retails for €54. Find more info in here

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz





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