Weekly Snap Shots: Dotan

Check out the latest musical adventures of singer songwriter Dotan.

From a trip to Jerusalem (Israel), delicious food, a visit to radio station Q Music to a neon birthday party involving balls and beers…

1. The city I was born in : Jerusalem. Love that city.
2. We visited the old market in Jerusalem. Best watermelons I’ve ever tasted.
3. My biggest fan in Israel!
4. In front of the market. Used to come here all the time as a kid..

5. Israeli breakfast is the best.
6. Israel.. How I love your sunset.
7. Visiting the radio station Q-Music and they have the coolest disco elevator!
8. Tough job…
9. One of my best friends birthday involved balls and beers…
10.My guitar player turned 30.. Say whaaat?
11. Writing with Will Knox. Incredibly talented!!!
12. Guess I should get a new job… ;-)

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