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Thirty minute treat

Going for a massage is the perfect way to relax, loosen up the muscles and enjoying a moment for yourself.

For me, there is only one drawback to getting a massage and that is that it makes me way too chilled out to do anything productive anymore. All I want afterwards is to lay down on the couch, sticky and surrounded by the smoothing odor of massage oil.

Chair massage
I realized I just need a quick-fix-massage: relaxing but energizing, and afterwards being able to continue my daily tasks. With that objective in mind, I tried a so called ‘chair massage’. You can keep your clothes on, there is no oil involved and it is still very relaxing.
I went to JiskMassage, located in the ‘Rivierenbuurt’ in Amsterdam. I had an appointment with the owner, Jiska Kopmeiners. Besides being a massage therapist, Jiska is a coach, gives workshops and visits companies to ‘recharge’ employees with a chair massage. I immediately liked Jiska and felt at ease with her (this is important to me when somebody gives me a massage).

Preceding the massage Jiska asked me several questions about my possible medication, blood pressure and other physical characteristics. All these things are important for the masseur to know, as the massage tailored to your body’s specific needs. Then I took a seat on the chair, which is a comfy construction. The massage itself takes thirty minutes, and my neck, shoulders and back where firmly taken up. It felt very good and relax, almost tailored to all my sore spots and muscles. Instead of feeling dozy, I felt like conquering the world!

The improved ‘me
It took only thirty minutes and it felt as if my month long sleep deprivation was all gone! I spent the rest of the day feeling like a million bucks, working for my company, shopping on the Albert Cuyp market and chatting with random people. Love that, so many great stories in Amsterdam. I wrote it down in my agenda, every first Friday of the month: ‘Getting a chair massage. Yeah!’

Wanna know more about JiskMassage? Check out her website

Text: Danielle Meester
Photographs by: Fotomovo

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