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New York has to be one of the best places to run into fascinating people. And we’re all curious about the story behind them, right?

That’s what motivated director Maaike Holvast to create the New York Style Stories. Portraits of interesting people in some kind of way related to style and fashion.

She had the chance to portray Zelda Kaplan in her first series, and now she’s working on her second series named Wanderlust. This time she follows creative duos in the Big Apple, and part of these series are the bloggers from Lovelywanderlust, Emily Bache and Abigail Breslin. What are their interests, how did their blog become so succesful, is it difficult when on- and offline identity become one? All these questions are answered, and many more.

Yet, to complete the documentary Maaike Holvast needs your support. Since the Dutch government has cut a lot on subsidization in the arts and creative projects, she now has to rely on crowd funding. Imagine how great it would be if she could make more New York Style Stories and other documentaries in the future? Help her out via and pledge for her in the pitch. Still 40 days left to deadline.

Find a sneak peek of the feature with the girls from Lovelywanderlust below:

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